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I have never used Spotify as a co-worker had it and it deleted all her saved stuff after 6 months of using it. I decided to do some research and went to the Spotify site. Very pretty site and completely devoid of actual information. There is a video (they call it a FILM) that is awesome people listening to music in cool situations. Told me nothing about how to get the service, what devices it uses, etc. Just a pretty video and an option to download. Kind of frustrating as I like information! Then I found this article.

In my current MINI I have an iPod loaded with about 1500 songs that I've bought over the past 5 or so years (at least half is from my CD collection). As I recall I paid my children to sit and download all the CDs I wanted to transfer, easy work for a teen and I came home and it was done! I just leave it plugged in in the car full-time. I occasionally take it out and sync it to add new stuff but that's about it.
I use Pandora in my house when I'm in need of a change so I guess that will be my backup in the MINI.

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