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Hi All

Brought a late 2014 MCS in January with 8000 miles on the clock, it had been in at 2000 miles and had the quality enhancement work done to correct the crank shaft issue.

I wanted the JCW pro tuning kit put on so took it back in 2 weeks later, I happened to have a loan car and commented that the clutch on the loan car felt smoother than mine, they said they'd take a look.

So a week later and car has a new engine, turns out the quality enhancement work had not resolved the issue on my engine, to be fair MINI were brilliant and also gave me some free JCW car mats and I couldn't fault the service.

Thought I'd mention it on here as I guess others have had the quality enhancement done so there is a chance it may still need further work.


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That's a ' quality enhancement' . Minis don't have faults or go wrong-they just need the occasional qe!(or in Brandon's case, sadly for him lots of qe's) Sneaky way of avoiding any 'reliabilty' questions /clever marketing etc etc! sounds better to anyone earwigging when you enter the garage for work to be done and there;'s someone there buying too!
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