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Question about Alloys

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Okay so I am obviously clueless about this. I've had my car for around two weeks and am trying to figure out how to get the alloys clean. Normal washing gets a bit off. Then I have a look after its dried and there still seems to be stuff there.
So I discover there is a cleaner specifically for wheels. Who knew.
Now I'm trying to figure out if the alloys are powder coated or sprayed as that makes a difference to what you can use. I've got the two tone roulette wheels if that makes a difference. There seems to be something sort of brown stuck to the silver bits.

Any suggestions? Does anyone know if these are powder coated?


team Electric Blue
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Thank you all very much! That's all good and very helpful info.
It's funny how the more you read up on stuff the more confusing it gets
Just thought I'd say, I got the Autoglym Custom Wheel cleaner, as advised, and it's awesome. So easy to clean and so shiny ��

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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