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Evening all,

So I've bought a set of wheels off eBay with a view to putting winter tyres on them. The wheels themselves are standard cooper S F55 16 inch ones.

Unfortunately, they didn't come with the TPMS dongle attached. So, here's my question - actually a few.

I read on this forum that someone has used third party wheels without the TPMS - all that happens is you get a warning when you start the car, but the drive itself isn't compromised. Can someone let me know if that's the case please.

Secondly, I get the feeling that I will probably end up buying the TPMS units anyway. Are there third party/cheaper ones, or am I stuck with Mini's?

Thirdly, how much are Mini's sensors? I've seen them for £250 on eBay which seems rather pricey for a bit of plastic and metal, but hey ho - anyone managed to get them cheaper?

Thanks for the help in advance.
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