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Have been a user of RAC for ages although hardly ever used!:(

In the event of an accident / breakdown - do you think I would be better off re courtesy car / onward travel / compensation / repairs.. with RAC & Ins. Co. or Mini Assist???

If I used Mini Assist, would that cut across the help / cover provided by my insurers - uninsured driver claim / courtesy car ( MAssist only 2 days) and other questions I can't think of at present.

Hope you can help as the more I look the more confused I become - must be my age!:eek:


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I cancelled my RAC... I told them I might come back in three years. No point paying for the same thing twice...
I have kept my RAC cover.

The thing is its a personal cover, so if you are in somebody else's car you will get rescued etc.

Although pricey, you do get a discount if you don't claim.

At one point I even had Green Flag as well as RAC, but cancelled this when I got the Mini.

Its just another form of insurance, hopefully you won't need it but you never know.

The one thing that I think it could be useful for is a puncture. In my opinion, gone are the times when you pull over and sort it yourself, you are likely to have this happen on a busy road. The number of vehicles on the road nowadays is huge, so I reckon just find a safe place and use the phone and get assistance (assuming you can get a signal!). The breakdown vehicle has lots of markings and flashing lights etc, and can winch the car onto the back or tow it to a safe place.

I am not going to crawl around in the road trying to fix a puncture (no spare wheel nowadays on the Cooper s, just a can of gunge!). I have changed lots of wheels etc, and crawled around under cars to fix them even in the depths of winter in my time, but I feel at my time of life (mid 50's), someone else can do it!
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