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Is there a way to hide the genre image on the radio display? I like to know whats on and sometimes there isnt enough space due to the giant image of what genre the music is. Can be quite annoying. Any help would be great.
I don't think there is.
I have the normal Visual Boost (non-XL) and I have the same problem when I play MP3s from the USB stick. After a few seconds into the song it shows the album artwork, thereby hiding lots of useful information (basically only showing the artwork, the track name and the time bar without any actual numbers).
Moving the controller, as TX1911fan mentioned helps for a few seconds, but my workaround (at least for the MP3s) is to remove the artwork completely for everything on the USB stick (using mp3tag). This way it shows all other information (track number, total number of tracks, elapsed time, remaining time, etc.) constantly.
Since most of the time I listen to complete albums, I somehow need that track number/track name association (it might be stupid in this day and age, but it was important when we still listened to LPs and CDs)
I wish they had made it possible to show the artwork and still keep all other info visible all the time
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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