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I am not a big fan of the rear wiper kinda looks flimsy and with the AZ Sun beating down for over a year now the plastic looks worn so I ordered a delete kit. A bit pricey but I think the car looks better with out the rear wiper and since it does not rain that much in AZ I just had another excuse to order it.;)

This part eliminates the rear wiper, leaving the car with a cleaner look. The metal center cap is powder coated flat black. Retains stock rear wiper seal. NO LEAKS HERE. Don't settle for copy's. Comes with a custom molded washer hose plug and complete instructions.
Fits 2014+ F55/F56 Mini Coopers only

Here is the link if somebody else is interested in the kit. parts page.htm

or you can order it from Fleebay on sale right now.
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