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Rearview Mirror: EC: LED: GTO: Compass

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Anyone knows the frequency range of the universal remote control of this mirror?

Search SiteSearch ES164380 - 51166821264 - REARVIEW MIRROR EC / (51-16-6-821-264) (
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That's a US mirror.

They are 315MHz - compatible with US homelink devices.

You want 433 for European equivalent - they are very rare.
Ok.Got it.
Any idea which 315MHz compatible garage door opener receiver can i buy?
If you buy a universal homelink receiver from the US, they will all operate in that frequency.

Are you buying this mirror new and spending that much money? If so, why not buy the correct one from a european dealer and buy a readily available european homelinke receiver?
There is no mirror with remote for european MINI F56.
Well that's really interesting and useful to me as I was about to look in to this for the car I'm buying and have extensive experience of this.

I've done this for my E93 M3 so don't be concerned but what you can do is buy the US mirror and buy a european mirror with the correct version of the homelink module.

There are a few designs of modules, but you want the one with the buttons at the bottom. Nearly all rear view mirrors are made by Gentex, and homelink is also a Gentex brand.

You can buy any european homelink mirror so long as the buttons are underneath the mirror. You then leaver the casing off (not hard once you know how) and switch the modules.

Euro homelink modules have circuitry front and back and an external aerial:

US do not.
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This is a great solution.
Although i do not know how easy is open mirror case and which mirror i have to buy in order to take the European module.
So long as the european model has the buttons at the bottom, then the one from any european originating car will do fine, eg my one shown above is going into the BMW mirror you see, but came from a Landrover.

Be careful buying on ebay as many of the lithuanian sellers break cars from america. You cannot be sure that a european supplier has a european homelink so you have to ask. Often they don't know as they have to open the mirror to know for sure.

opening the mirror is not that hard. There's a slot for a flat blade screwdriver, you insert in there and lever the two halves apart. Once you have any gap you insert a plastic trim tool and then slide around the circumference of the joining popping each connector apart as you go.

Scary the first time but easy after that.
And may i ask if my garage door receiver which is 433,42MHz is compatible with Euro homelink modules?
All European garage doors will be 433MHz because other frequencies are not allowed they are reserved for eslewhere.

Whether or not your device is homelink compatible will depend ont he make and model, you will need to consult the manual/manufacturer.

If it is not, you can buy a contact closure universal receiver. I would recommend the liftmaster PR433, it's sometimes listed as being made by chamberlain - I have two of them.

I am not affiliated with this company or any company that sells garage doors or their receivers!

I just happen to have done this myself many many times!
This is a 2 channel receiver?
Can i operate 2 doors?
Yes you can. Transmitter has three channels too.
If you also have in mind any part number from a BMW mirror i can buy with the Euro Homelink modul i would be grateful.

Thank you.
I don’t actually because they are insanely expensive and can be had for much less on eBay. You don’t need bmw, any European one which has the buttons underneath.
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