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Rebal Green Paintwork Swirls.

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Hi. I've got a 15 plate F56 JCW in Rebal Green with a red roof and mirrors: all standard extra. The dealership applied 'Williams Synthetic' to both the exterior and I tier of the vehicle.

When the sun shines on the real green paintwork there appears to be swirls within the paintwork that look as though they are in '3D'. As you change positions the swirls appear to move and change shape. They look like they were being viewed through a pair of 3D glasses that you wear at the cinema.

Has anyone any experience of this on a non coated rebal finish. Thanks.
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So glad I didn't allow my dealer to detail the car. I detailed it better way to get to know the car!

As for the paint, time will tell I suppose but my bet is the water based paint just doesn't have the strength as the tried & true acrylic enamels and lacquers of old. We're feeling the pinch of environmental friendly paint technology. Then again maybe it's just that MINI isn't spraying enough paint on!
The clear bra is not problem free, a number of the members of our corvette club have them and there have been issues and it is rather expensive. They do help some in a lot of situations, however, if you get hit by a large stone they do not cover that under the warranty and the only way to repair it adequately is to have the entire treatment for that section of the car removed, then have the mar, ding, chip, dent, etc. repaired and then have the product reapplied. In the incident that I am referring to the cost to the owner was a little over $5,000 US. I really am considering just doing nothing and then at some point have the hood and front repaired as needed or just sell the car, take my licks and move on. That means buying another JCW! OK, as it will have the latest, greatest modifications and improvements and I now have enough first hand knowledge to know what I want when I order it!
That sounds like good advice Dan! I hate chips probably more than anyone but I'll just enjoy the car as is & polish & wax the snot out of it while in my care! If I have paint issues it may be the time to get a striping kit or do something different!

Happy Motoring (& hurry spring!),

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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