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Rebal Green Paintwork Swirls.

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Hi. I've got a 15 plate F56 JCW in Rebal Green with a red roof and mirrors: all standard extra. The dealership applied 'Williams Synthetic' to both the exterior and I tier of the vehicle.

When the sun shines on the real green paintwork there appears to be swirls within the paintwork that look as though they are in '3D'. As you change positions the swirls appear to move and change shape. They look like they were being viewed through a pair of 3D glasses that you wear at the cinema.

Has anyone any experience of this on a non coated rebal finish. Thanks.
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The dealership have damaged your paint by causing swirls and hologram effect. They obviously didn't know what they were doing when they applied the product. I'd be livid! It's worth making a complaint and I'd be pushing for them to pay for you to take it to a professional to get the paint corrected and car detailed properly.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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