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Recirc air mode for Automatic AC

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so the temps hit 85F in Boston today, that's 29.5C (originally from London, and back in the day, we also used F). We go from winter to summer in a week here.

fiddling with AC and looking at the manual p. 131, it claims that the A (auto) mode on air recirc only switches to recirc when it detects pollutants outside! But it cautions that M (manual, forced recirc mode) should not be used for extended periods because it reduces air quality in the car.
Now in most cars, recirc allows enough outside air in that you don't end up suffocating...
AND I'd want the recirc Auto mode to switch to recirc with AC on, and back to fresh air when off. (With AC on auto mode, you don't even know when AC is kicking in).
So, OK to leave AC and recirc in Auto mode? Sometimes I like to know what's really going on!

Such problems never existed in London or Manchester days, that's what windows were for....
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Auto AC and auto recirc are how I've had my BMW 1 series set for years, and I suspect they are similar systems.
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