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Following the success of the “Polish and tings” thread I thought I’d create a new one and give users an opportunity to recommend products they have tried and tested and delighted with the results. If you can post your recommended product and other information such as approx price, a mini review - with before and after pics if you have them - and I’ll group the products together at the top of this thread. If you know the product is only available in a particular country that information would be useful too.

This will hopefully be the one stop thread that allows us all to see what people have bought and used. If you can think of any genres not covered then just post or send me a DM. There are so many users out there who know one or two things about keeping a car looking good! So why not use their knowledge! Thanks. :)



All in One

Snow Foam

Towels/Microfibre Cloths

Quick Detailers/Enhancers
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Great thread, thanks!

You could add alloy wheel cleaners and wheel sealant.
All in One - Carlack Complete.

This is a non-abrasive chemical cleaner/sealant. It is simple to use as long as you only apply a small amount.
It gives a durable finish that looks kind of shimmering, kind of hard to describe.
Good on its own or topped with a decent wax.
Ok not sure if this is going to work as I can't appear to edit my 1st post. Hopefully an admin /moderator will come along and see if it can be released for me to edit soon!!
Tardis for removing tar

Bilberry for cleaning the alloys

3M polish for paint

Gtechniq C1 for paint protection

Meguairs 16 for a wax

High style to blacken the tyre wall

Poor boys black hole, as a filler
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These are my favourite products I have used so far. I have still loads yet to try in the garage so will update if I feel I need to.
For each product I have put my top 2.
The best value is based on buying 5litres and is my personal feeling based on power/ quantity to price.

Wheel cleaner :
1 juicy details mint wheels concentrate - also best value
2 bilberry

Iron remover:
1 juicy details bleeding iron - also best value
2 ironX
Also got waxtec iron fallout, autobrite iron remover and autofinesse iron remover which I have got but not tested yet so will edit when tested if need be.

Tar remover:
1 auto finesse oblitarate
2 valet pro tar and glue remover

Pre wash:
1 auto finesse citrus power
2 valet pro citrus pre wash - best value imo

Snow foam
1 autobrite magifoam powerful with lots of mess
2 Autofinesse avalanche not quite as powerful and not a lot of mess

1 autobrite purple velvet
2 juicy details apply bomb/ waxtec super suds

Trim restorer
1 auto finesse revive

Tyre blackener
1 Juicy details iced apple
2 meguiars endurance gel

Machine polishing compounds
1 3m range
2 chemical guys V range

1 Auto brite cherry glaze - product of the year for me it's amazing, soooo easy to use and wipe off with amazing results

1 For a white car the autobrite range for colour specific cars was amazing
2 Auto finesse desire
For a black car the angel wax black angel wax looks amazing (only seen an tried on a friends car so can't comment on durability)

Quick detailer
1 Autobrite hellshine quick detailer - outstanding results, some how it hid all the holograms on my partners black car making it seem as if it had been lightly machine polished!
2 Auto finesse quick detailer - best value

Window sealant
Gtechniq g1
Carbon collective platinum glass

Alloy sealant
Carbon collective platinum wheels

I would go through all the interior products that I recommend but I only use the autofinesse range for the interior and have found them to work really well and make the car smell good too.

Air fresher
Chemical guys stripper scent spray
Also had a sample from juicy details of an apple air fresher, if this is for sale yet then I would recommend that too as it smelt real nice.

Wash mitt
1 Dooka wash pad
2 sonos wash mitt/ auto finesse wash mitt

Carbon collective clay mitt
Dodo juice born slippy clay lube concentrate

If your not into car cleaning I would stay away from the carbon collective wash mitts. They will require strict maintenance

Wheels brush
Ez detail wheel brush - inside of rim
Auto finesse hog hair brush for tyre wall + rim face
Vikan brushes for arch liner.
I've got but yet to test the new carbon collective wheel wands - seem good on first view but we shall see.

Drying towel
Chemical guys wooly mammoth - super thick and absorbent

Also if anyone is local to me an wishes to try out any of the product I have mentioned, I am more than willing to give you a free sample, I have so much product I will never get through it all.

Also I am no pro detailer, it is not my job. I am just OCD when it comes to cleaning cars.
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