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Hello Everyone,

Hope you are well. I wanted to see if there may be some interest in a group buy for the Remus Responder. We have been selling quite a few of these and have gotten extremely positive feedback on them. If I can get together 10 forum members I will be able to offer a really nice discount on the units.

Most cars come from the factory with a throttle delay and The REMUS Responder improves throttle response by means of modifying the accelerator pedal output. The REMUS Responder totally eliminates the delay in modern electronic accelerator pedals. The Responder attaches between the OEM pedal sensor and the OEM connector, ready to use in minutes. The 4 individual user selectable and adjustable performance settings allow drivers to select according to their own preferences. We have sold a ton of these for BMW and Mini. I included a video to see the ease of the install from a Mini Cooper. Here is a review from one of our BMW customers. Please PM me for further details. Thanks Mike

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting back to me and yes I did the install in 5 min or so, and yes I like the (Remus over the Sprint) tune ability; as it very well suited for my daily driving style. I’ve installed it on my 2012 BMW 328 coupe (street car). I’m weekend racer (SCCA) for many years and leave the real racing for the track with my purpose built race car, but I do enjoy having increased drivability and responsiveness the Remus provides for my street car (I can’t help but comment on the many late nights and weekends on the dyno trying to get this kind of drivability out of my race car).

Good Job,


MINI Cooper S F56 Responder Install Video

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