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Mini Cooper D F55, 65 plate, deep blue with white roof
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Sorry if this has already been answered; I've searched the site (and the internet in general) and can't find much...

So the previous owner of my car was a smoker, and there is a stink deep within the seats that I can't get rid of, as well as some small burn-holes in the fabric. In addition, some of the trim on the door cards is in a bit of a poor condition due to it not having been looked after very well.

I've seen on eBay that I can get replacement front and rear seats (for an F55, which mine is) and door cards for about 拢650, which seems reasonable to me. My question is: is it a relatively easy job to fit them?

I've seen that there are four bolts per seat in the front, and the bench seat at the back slides out once you've undone the bolts there, but I've seen reference to the airbags too. Would it work if I disconnected the battery, replaced the seats, then reconnected the battery, or would I have to take it to the dealer to get the airbag warning lights reset?

Likewise with the door cards - are these relatively straightforward to sort?

Or, would I in fact be better going to a mechanic (we have an independent Mini garage in Derby) and asking them to do it all?

Any advice would be very gratefully received :)

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I replaced the front seats in my F54 a few years ago without triggering the air bag light, but I disconnected the battery first. Best to disconnect it and leave it about 10mins for any residual power to dissipate. There is one plug under each of the front seats for heating, airbag, occupancy sensor, power seats etc, this easily comes away from the loom under the seat. There is a lock tab that flips open and the plug can be removed, there was enough play in the cable for me to remove the 4 bolts and tip the seat back onto the back seat to get clear access to the plug.
I'm not sure how to take the rear seat backrest out, might be worth looking at to see how it is secured and work back from there. Just make sure the plugs are reconnected before you reconnect the battery. Most door cards have a secret screw on them so I'd look them up on too, unless you find a video on line.

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I can't think it would be too hard esp if you don't have any warning lights to worry about-the door cars are pop off jobs after the obvious screws have been removed-may break the plastic tabs though so buy some in ready!
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