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Retrofitting Auto Dimming interior Mirror

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I have searched for information on retrofitting the auto dimming rear view mirror on an F56.
Does anyone know if it is possible?
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I dont have an alarm but i have kafas and sunroof so i should have the plug right?
Resurrecting an oldie but goodie. I have a 2022 SE and want to add a mirror with autodim and homelink. I did this with my 1 series. My question is what year mirrors have the same mount? Will a mirror from a first generation mount to my 2022? Will one from a second gen mount my 2022? Or, am I stuck finding one from after the bumper refresh? Thanks
Al F56/55/54 and F60 mirrors will fit from 2014 onwards. They never changed
This is one thing I really wish my Mini had. I got used to auto-dimming mirrors on my Cadillac and have been without one since 2015! But the install, even with an OEM part, seem more complicated than I wish..
Not really. You need 3 wires 2 of them you get from the buttons on the roof. The other is power which goes to the fusebox. You need to code it also. But is not really that hard

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1 - 3 of 40 Posts