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Rev-match function

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I drove a non-S F56 with manual transmission the other day and was positively shocked at how seamless the rev-matching function was upon downshifts. Each downshift was achieved perfectly. This was the first time I had driven a vehicle with automatic rev-matching.

To disable it, apparently you have to fully disable the stability control.

I'm not sure if I liked losing that control to the superior algorithms. :|

What do you all think of the rev-match?
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Rev match is fantastic, not only does it flatter you on your sporting downshifts, but it also makes gear changes incredibly smooth (and it saves your clutch in the process). It is so good that you don't notice it. I don't think that it works going into 1st though.

Yes if you disable DSC the rev matching doesn't work, I haven't tried with DTC.

I tried matching revs manually earlier without DSC on, and I wasn't as good as the car.
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But I had a good moment earlier - I approached a roundabout at 40mph with the window down, down changed into 2nd gear, the car blipped perfectly and I got a series of lovely pops from the exhaust.
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Yes it does - it feels unnatural doing it though because you think it is going to jerk and it doesn't. Every now and again if you do it too quickly you might get a slight one.
Hi Pintie, I'm pretty sure that it is. :)
All the time in all modes. It's disabled only by switching DSC off. :)
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