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Rev-match function

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I drove a non-S F56 with manual transmission the other day and was positively shocked at how seamless the rev-matching function was upon downshifts. Each downshift was achieved perfectly. This was the first time I had driven a vehicle with automatic rev-matching.

To disable it, apparently you have to fully disable the stability control.

I'm not sure if I liked losing that control to the superior algorithms. :|

What do you all think of the rev-match?
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Yes it's standard on my cooper. I surprised myself because I dropped down from 4th to 2nd and it revved quite significantly. Amazing. It truly is a fab car and once matched the engine breaking then kicks in so loss of engine breaking only momentary or so it seems. I love it.
Yes can't wait to get mine run in and open it up; need to get some longer journeys in but struggling with time at the mo; just want to play with my car!!!!!
Not noticed that . I thought h t it seems to kick in as you move the gear through the selector gate rather than any thing the clutch is doing. That way it knows how many revs to add ie 6 to 4 needs more than 6 to 5.
Yes you're right if traction control is off you lose the rev match.
You still get engine braking walter de vos but i agree it is a bit of a shock at first as the revs match and therefore your engine braking doesnt kick in till a little later than you'd expect on a normal, no rev match gear shift! you soon get used to it imo!
Blimey not sporty.most Porsches etc have this now. Love it myself and feels sportier to me. Good job were all different!
I too love it; fantastic feature and makes things so smooth; must be good for the car; i used to rev match when i felt like it but having hte car do it for you just seems to be the icing on the cake. Yes you use the brakes a teeny bit more for the first few seconds after a change but really only just that and as my instructor used to say-use the brakes not the engine-engine breaking is expensive; brake pads are cheap!
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Rev matching is available auto or manual; not quite sure what you mean here-i love the control of changing gear but the rev matching just makes the change smoother all of the time! your comment is a bit like saying you may as well buy a driverless car or a better analogy might be why bother with antilock brakes ! i'm not with it!sorry. but yes agrees-i question how true the wear bit is!
I'd presume we have a rev limiter to prevent over revving-another addition to cars more recently; but i have to say i've not tried it-find there is plenty of low down torque and it gets a bit thrashy really high up in the rev range, unlike my fiat barchetta or golf r32-i was regularly hitting it in those due to how smooth the engine was high up! bit of a shock when you hit it first time and you're not looking at the rev counter! suddenly there is no more forward momentum-gulp!
The rev match function is far more accuarate than we can ever be; the lack of braking is the fact that usually people dont rev match and so the engine is forced on release of the clutch to raise its speed to that of the driven wheels; consequently the change isnt as smooth and braking via the engine is immediate and more severe than if you rev match. if you rev match yourself you will invevitably be over or under , and therefore get more immediate or less immediate engine braking; with teh computer you get an accurate match BUT of course no one who drives a manual is used to this and so the perfect match means that braking starts when the revs begin to subside FAR MORE gently, and so less engine braking is perceived-my opinion any way/ ultimately the rev match function makes for asmoother change and less clutch wear; end of! Whether you liek this or not is another story but it's better for the car!
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Not if it's an r series which it will be no I don't think it was introduced till the f series..
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