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Run flats necessary?

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This is my first car with run flats. I've always heard that they are not comfortable, are more expensive, and don't perform as well as their non - run flat counterparts. I'm thinking I'd pick a standard, but relatively sticky tire when they need to be replaced and just keep a can of fix a flat in the car. Thoughts?

They tried to get me to buy the $1750 wheel and tire warranty, but I passed. If I have issues with run flats I'll get ones; if the wheels get damaged I'll upgrade to aftermarket rims. The warranty price seems absurdly high...
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I have non-runflats on my CSD and am happy with them and the drive of the car.

Had an interesting conversation with the salesman about the tyres... I have no interest in getting run flats. I know never say never, but after 25 years I've yet to have anything but several slow punctures, and that was when I lived in the city.

Anyway, I asked him about the mobility gunk stuff and whether the breakdown cover mini provides also includes fixing the tyre (rather than me having to deal with it myself). the answer was not to bother with the gloop unless absolutely necessary - just call the number and let them deal with it. He certainly wasn't a fan of the gloop!
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