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Run flats necessary?

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This is my first car with run flats. I've always heard that they are not comfortable, are more expensive, and don't perform as well as their non - run flat counterparts. I'm thinking I'd pick a standard, but relatively sticky tire when they need to be replaced and just keep a can of fix a flat in the car. Thoughts?

They tried to get me to buy the $1750 wheel and tire warranty, but I passed. If I have issues with run flats I'll get ones; if the wheels get damaged I'll upgrade to aftermarket rims. The warranty price seems absurdly high...
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I had run flats and they are supposed to be improving but I hated them on my r56 vile. Can't believe how much better the wife's is on non run flats of the same make, continental. I have the mouse, in the uk changing a tyre by the roadside is now so dangerous I'd just call out breakdown cover if the can didn't work. At home would pop a winter tyre on to get me to the garage.
Better ride better grip better price.mmmm
Ps and as for tyre and wheel in. No way. That would nearly buy a new set!
They are getting better all the time so perhaps best stick ing with them .if you're happy there are definitely benefits. I will have to have a test drive in one so equipped and do a like for like comparison. I have Dunlop sportmax on mine,17" and it's very quiet and refined and comfy. Really pleased with them
Ouch, not cheap. Still don't think the tyre warranty is worth it though!
Would hope not!! Unless the tour de France is coming past your area(someone sabotaged it one year with tacs!!!!)
Yes not a good environment for tyres! Could be very pricey!
Totally agree tolprunn had them on my r56 s they were continental and not nice.would never have them by choice.
Most tyre people hate the gloop.
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Yes apparently improving.
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