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I am trying to run the cable (rj11 phone cable) for valentine 1 from the passenger side visor, down tucked under the A pillar trim piece, then continuing down through the bottom area of the A pillar - through the dash area, for power and signal to the concealed display etc. The visit area is ok, and it is fairly easy to tuck the cable under the A pillar molding. The tricky part is the A pillar molding. The air bag is in there and I am not sure how to pop it off without damaging something. Does anyone have a picture or video of this area open?

Also, I have looked from underneath, the dash area doesn't show any 'daylight' to (hole) to run the cable down-anyone know the best access spot.

I need to get the cable down so I can plug it into the concealed display and bluetooth adaptor-if it was just power - I might just tap the power at the lighted visor mirror.

I am very handy and have plastic tools for trim removal.

Thanks for any help you can give.

I searched for this topic but did not find what I was looking for.

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