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So I made an appointment to get my 15 MCS oil change, 15,000 miles. I change the oil on the MINI's every 5, 000. Talking to Sean, the service manager, and he stated that there was a "bearing check" that needed to be performed. First scenario, check it for wear, no problem. Second, if there was wear, no scoring, replace bearing. Third, scoring, new engine. Bearing inspection orders came from MINI, even though mine was “past” problem production date.

He was good enough to order the bearing if it needed to be replaced so I would not be without the car. Watched the tech from outside the bay. He removed the front right tire, wheel well shroud, bottom shroud, starter (size of beer can but that is another story), dropped the “pan” (more like a deep dish washing pan) and pulled the bearing with a special tool.

Actually a half bearing. Looked new and he still replaced it. He showed it to me and it look like some kind of Babbitt alloy. He also showed me the pan that had a casting indentation for an oil stick. Joked that I needed to tap in a tube and it would be great.

Anyway, he put it all back together and I was on the road again in a total time of 3.5 hours. Nice job.
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