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Hey guys,

I've noticed with my SD S/AT when changing from first to second I get the Smart ForTwo infamous dive, granted its not as extreme but it doesn't seem as smooth as it used to.. I think hesitant would also be a word to describe its functionality.

Has anybody else had this experience? I wasn't allowed to test drive any of the S A/T equipped cars at the dealer before ordering due to their insurance only covering over 21s and therefore I can't ask to take a Cooper S or SD auto out to see if there's any difference between mine and another. I did however test drive a JCW Auto as a passenger with my mum and don't remember it acting like mine.

I have asked them to look at this when it goes in for the Folding Mirror Replacements (entire mirror unit on both sides) and my bonnet alignment on the 16th May but I have a feeling they'll be reluctant to do anything and just say they couldn't find an issue.

Any comments or suggestions?

(p.s. I'm not trying to find another fault to use for rejection, I'm well and truly over that now.)
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It's been a long day, so S/AT?
Sports Automatic Transmission.
Brandon, what exactly is "Smart ForTwo infamous dive" ?

Don't forget, the gearbox "learns" how you drive, so if you tend to push a bit harder (so it stays in gear longer before changing up) it will try and do this more often.

I have a really simple rule with my auto box. If I'm driving normally it stays in normal mode (even if the car is in sport). If I want to have a bit of fun it goes into sport, and back lanes & Milton Keynes get the full manual treatment.

In almost 8k, the car has been faultless engine/gearbox wise. It does what it should when it should. The only thing I wish is that it changed down a bit earlier in normal mode as I like to have engine breaking, but I just over-ride it on the paddles.
The infamous dive is the fact that the auto gearbox in the last generation Smart ForTwo was so slow that it stopped accelerating as it changed gear.

My SD doesn't stop accelerating nor is it as drastic as the Smart but it is hesitant from first to second and makes crawling difficult. My car is almost always in Normal - never in Green unless a prolonged motorway journey and there's only a few times I stick it in Sport but the transmission is also in Sport then too.

It also when you set off sometimes accelerates and then changes down to first and jolts, I get that for efficiency it can start in second gear but should it not be more intelligent to know when and where to do it as I find myself holding my body forward as I set off in anticipation of the jolt.
If you're crawling you're in first and shouldn't be changing to 2nd...

The only time I feel it "jolt" is if I don't accelerate had enough >:D
My car pretty much most of the time sets off in second, but then decides it's better to set off in first and then I get the jolt of a downshift...

But yes today is has performed as I would expect it to but its been relatively warm at about 15 degrees so may its the cold weather?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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