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Here is the break down

MINI USA sales continued their climb in August, up 2.1% over last August, to 5,109 units. While the August year-on-year growth seems small at only 103 units, it looks much better when one considers that the US Light Vehicle sales numbers were DOWN by 0.6. Unlike BMW that benchmarks against its natural competition (Mercedes-Benz and Audi), MINI has no brand that is as similar in market offerings. FIAT is probably the closest in line-up, and FIAT only grew 0.8%. Subaru, another brand with a very loyal following, was up 4.9%, but they have such a different set of products that it’s hard to make anything of that! The VW division had an awful month, down 8.1%. At least they didn’t do as bad as Scion and Smart who really tanked, down 37% and 53.7% respectively!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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