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Hey Guys,

Wanted to seek your opinion on a problem that's just come to my attention with my 6-month old Mini Cooper (F56).

Since I live and work in the city, last weekend was my first real opportunity to take the car out on the highway and really give the engine a good run. Some 30 minutes into my journey I realised that whenever I exceed about 120km/h there's a loud humming sound like a metallic cabinet being dragged along a concrete/tiled floor.

Of course, I eased of the gas in order to prevent any trouble or further damage but I pretty consistently get this sound beyond this speed. Not driving the car particularly hard or anything like that - engine is running at about 2,800rpm at the time this happens.

On the return journey the threshold was higher at about 140km/h - maybe cos I had it in sport mode rather than green mode - but the engine remains just fine at lower speeds thus far.

Recorded the sound and am hoping to be able to replicate this behaviour at the dealer but in the meantime, hope you guys could share your thoughts or any suspicions you may have.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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