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seat belt warning?

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Not a big issue, but I moved my MC along my driveway today without fixing my belt, and the car didn't mind at all-no bleeps or warning messages-whereas my previous cars would have had a fit at me after a few seconds.

If the passenger unclips the belt before the car stops there is a warning sound, and I presumed there would be one for the driver too if he or she does not put their belt on, but perhaps not.

Is my car unusual or have I not configured something properly?
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I regularly visit properties where the are several gates to get out and open/close and there is a sadistic delight in making the car bong at me for not wearing a seatbelt. I'm surprised there isn't a second-stage stronger bonging to show how the small German person in the ECU is really losing his temper at this display of reckless behaviour.

It's interesting (well, to me) how some things stop working when this is happening, such as the stop/start for example.
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