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Back on August 6th I ordered a 2016 JCW Moonwalk Gray with Black top and most bells and whistles that were offered. I held off on the bling with no stripes, etc. This is my second having purchased a 2003 Mini Cooper S back in Nov 2002 which was supposedly the first registered here in Alabama...? So they said... Truly love this new car. Already have over 6,000 miles having just completed a trip from our home on Dauphin Island, AL through the Midwest up through New England then down the east coast through the mountains in Virginia, North & South Carolina then back home. Wonderful ride and a good break in trip. averaged 32 mpg for this initial trip.

This one has the automatic and I must admit I am thoroughly impressed with the transmission including with its options for sport and manual shifting. I've always had manual, but glad I made the switch. Looking forward to following the forum for ideas and experiences of others.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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