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After months of searching, I located a Countryman JCW 2023 that is inbound to a local dealer but I'm a little unsure about the look.

It's in Midnight Black 2, and black looks great when clean, but this JCW version has red bonnet stripes, red mirrors, and a red roof, with black wheels and dark tinted glass - so basically an all black Countryman with significant areas of bright red. I generally find red accents attractive on Coopers and Clubmans but because the Countryman is so much larger I'm worried that the red areas will be too much.

Another vehicle that I found is in Silver White Metallic with black bonnet stripes and a black roof - obviously different, but feels more 'Mini' somehow.

Can anyone comment about the black and red color combo on a Countryman? Is it as ostentatious as it seems in photos?

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