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Short Antenna for F56

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This is not a big topic but let me share.

Over here in Japan, spaces are quite limited and many parking slots have limited heights (usually 1550mm).

In fact, I use 'mechanical parking facility' in my apartment: cars are parked in 3 stories (underground, ground and upper story).
Hence, I am supposed to park cars under 1550mm.

As you know, Cooper and MCS have lower 1430mm height but
default antenna is longer and you need to take it off whenever you park.

To cope with this height constraint, I purchased a 'short antenna' at BOND MINI tune shop. This has only 50mm height and I believe I can park anywhere going forward;)

The below is BOND MINI URL but unfortunately we don't have English pages.


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We have the official MINI sport antenna on our F56
Hey washy did you get that dealer direct, I wonder if it's availible in the US?
Yes it came from the dealer. I will get the part number for you.
Thank you
The part number for the MINI sport antenna is 65 20 2 296 772

It costs around £20 and is also available on EBay.
Great thanks again :)
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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