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Hi. First time posting on this forum.

I am looking at buying a 2011 Diesel Manual (68k on the clock). I currently have a 2011 Polo DSG and have been disappointed with the recent quality of VWs and think that the Polo will not last especially with the DSG gearbox.

I am after something that will last and has good build quality, I like the idea of a diesel and manual gearbox for these reasons.

I don't really know anything about the Minis, we drove it and really liked it.

I am pretty handy mechanically so would service it my self when the time comes, have done timing belts in Jeep CRD so familiar with that stuff.

It seems this model has a Peugeot Diesel engine, how is it rated will I get 300 or 400k out of it if I look after it with regular servicing ? Would it be better to get the SD which I think has a 2l BMW engine ?

I figured the manual box would also give us longevity, or will the auto last just as good ?

Are there any known issues or problems to look out for with this year and model ?

What is the service interval for the timing belt, I read 160k or 240k ? Seems high I do the Jeeps at 100k.

Any helpful advice would be appreciated on anything that might help me to take the plunge with a Mini, noting I have not dealt with them at all before.


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As Brandon says the 2014 onwards F56 is far better than the pre 2014 R56 model. I had a 2012 R56 1.6 diesel with around 70,000 miles when I sold it and my wife had a R60 coutryman with the same engine which is a BMW diesel NOT Peugeot derived. These is nothing wrong with this engine but the latest 1.5litre 3 cylinder diesel engine in the F56 is far more refined, quieter, surprisingly powerfull for its size and yet more economical
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