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hello folks please i need your help and opinion.

I just retrofited to my Mini the automatic folding exterior mirrors.

As my Mini has memory seats i have LIN line to the mirrors , so is near plug and play.

I changed the mirrors, changed the control button in driver´s door , with the folding button, and finally adding 313 to VO and coded ONLY the BCD_BODY unit.

Ok , it works fine and perfectly, but i have a problem since retrofit.

The automatic close and open of the FRONT WINDOWS when hold the open or close button of the key doesn't works. It´s very strange because the rear window , and the Panorama Glass Roof works fine ,THE EXTERIOR MIRRORS FOLDing PERFECTLY, the faliure is only in the front windows.

My car has also confort access and the door button holding does the same result, only works the rear door windows and the panorama roof.

Obviously before the retrofit this feature worked ok.

What do you think?

Should i code any more unit?

Please any advice or opinion is welcome.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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