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Skipping songs on external devices with steering wheel controls?

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Hey guys,

So I was having a play with playing music from external devices last night, and couldn't work out how to skip tracks from the buttons on the steering wheel.

Is there a way to do it or can you only do it with the buttons on the stereo itself and with the controller?
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When using the buttons on the steering wheel the tracks are shown/selected in the display in the speedo, press the OK when the desired track as been selected.

It was the same in the BMW I had previous to the MINI, personally it's not clever because it means taking your eyes off the road to use the feature, plus the buttons the wrong way round, volume should be up/down not left right.
Really? I shall run out and try this shortly. I've only tried my phone via Bluetooth and USB but yeah, I was staring at the centre console whilst trying to change tracks with the up and down buttons, didn't think to look at the speedo display.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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