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Slight personal idiocy on satnav - can anyone help?

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Afternoon all

Thanks for any help in advance.

On my R56 satnav I could say "Destination Input Map" on the voice activation and it would show me a lovely map of my final destination on screen.

I can get to this on my F56 via the Interactive Map and then selecting that option from the drop down once in the Interactive Map, but is there a single-step way of getting there?

Secondly, again on my old R56, I could ask about nearest petrol station, but it would subsequently ask whether I wanted the nearest petrol station to my current location or to my destination and then rank them accordingly.

With the POI on my F56, it only seems to offer them in relation to your current destination. Is there any way around this?

I apologise if the answer to these is blindingly obvious!


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