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Finally got to take a sneaky picture of my 1st born! 9 more days to go until I get to hold her in my hands :D

And one more thing... I stumbled onto this site on one of the many days I spent trawling the internet for I have been on this site every day since before I placed my order in January, sometimes even 5 times a day... or 12. I have read every post, every comment, to the point where I had memorised some of the threads. So far my experience with MINI has been fantastic, and that's mostly because of the virtual MINI family. I have been excited with you, nervous with you, frustrated with you, and impatient wirh you. And I have loved every second of it! This forum is great, and I am sure I will be a part of it for mini, mini more years to come. ;)

Thank you to the creators and all of you for such a wonderful experience:D

Will post sneaky pic soon!
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