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Some help needed please

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Need a few answers please.

Firstly I've got 18 inch wheels and I'm not sure of the tire pressures. The label by the drivers door says I need pressures of 27kpa front and 25kpa rear. Is kpa equivalent to psi? And surely 27/25 pressures are too low.

And for those with led headlights do the little lower fog lights come on with the dipped beam. I'm getting no light from my foglamps/parking/cornering light assembly (getting foglight error msge) and I need to know what is required when I take it back to the dealer today.

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it should say 270kpa which is 38 psi & 250kpa which is 36 psi. they do run pretty high compared to other cars.

with the lights yes the non-foglight portion of the sidelight assembly should be on when your dipped beam is on. if the headlights are on auto & just the DRLs are on the sidelight should be off
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