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Speed Limiter on Mini Cooper SE

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Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone managed to remove the speed limiter on Mini Cooper SE. 😛

As I wrote on another forum, I am working on it but so far I have only managed to change end scale of the instrumentation and the cruise control limit; I've successfully coded the DSC and Kombi ecus, it remains only the EDME ecu but unfortunately I haven't specific programs to access at the speed limiter parameter. 😟

In gasoline engines, the engine mapping programs also allow to remove the speed limiter, but I have no idea if they can read a control unit for electric motor (EDME).
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I'm quite certain BMW chose to roll it off and limit speed to 150 km/h to prevent us from killing the battery.
Spend some time in a BMW i4 X-Drive M50
and you’ll soon have a different opinion… :ROFLMAO:
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