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Speed Limiter on Mini Cooper SE

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Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone managed to remove the speed limiter on Mini Cooper SE. 馃槢

As I wrote on another forum, I am working on it but so far I have only managed to change end scale of the instrumentation and the cruise control limit; I've successfully coded the DSC and Kombi ecus, it remains only the EDME ecu but unfortunately I haven't specific programs to access at the speed limiter parameter. 馃槦

In gasoline engines, the engine mapping programs also allow to remove the speed limiter, but I have no idea if they can read a control unit for electric motor (EDME).
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No idea about coding but doubt it could do more than 165km/h

The i3 motor, 168bhp at a maximum of 11400rpm had a 150km/h limited top speed.
I calculated max speed based on 11400rpm, 9.665 gear ratio and 0.3498m wheel radius to 155.54 km/h

For the i3s BMW used the same motor (same part no.) but raised rpm limit to 12000rpm and limited top speed to 160km/h
Doing the same calculation as above I get 163.73 km/h

I have seen "performance tuning" packages for the i3 & i3s to 156/157 km/h & 165 km/h respectively which would correlate with the above.

Remember EV has only 1 gear and rated power is for the i3 is listed in the datasheet @ 4800rpm, these are NOT built for top speed runs (even before considering the draw on battery/overheating).

What is surprising is the 223km range in the photo above, 123km is closer to what I get. That must be pootling around town mileage.
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165km/h is for the i3s which is on 19s so even lower top speed for the mini (mine is on 16s) combined with the smaller battery 32 vs. 42 kWh you can see why they set the limiter on 160 & 150km/h respectively.

You are gear limited which is why you can鈥檛 go quicker, ICE with same power will do 235 km/h but has 5/6/7/8/etc. gears, and yes the drivetrain is built for top speed meaning it is geared for 280+ but will happily sit at 235 (where it鈥檚 power limited) without overheating in a couple of minutes.

You have a 135kW motor in the mini combined with a 32kWhpower source which is designed for acceleration NOT top speed. If it was geared for top speed acceleration would be lower, and you would need a beefier motor/bearings/cables/thermal management system/etc.

A Tesla geared for top speed will have for example a 100kWh battery with a motor that spins at 18000 rpm, taycan has a 2 speed gearbox (different approach)

Travelling at high speed in an EV is very inefficient, same for high loads such as towing which is why the cars are designed for the specific range we mention, removing the limiter in eDME won鈥檛 magically bring your top speed to 235km/h, need to change gearing or overspeed the motor to go above 160ish
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The roll off you mention is just the typical torque curve of EV that drops off a cliff when you need it the most (drag at high speed)
If the link works check the before to last page, you have 270Nm from 0rpm to 4500rpm, already down to 185Nm at peak power (7000 rpm) and under 100Nm at 12000rpm which is your top speed.
Previous graph shows 168bhp motor maxing out at 11400rpm
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