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sooooo why is sport mode only pushing 0,8 bar and the mid mode give me wayyyyyyyyyyy more power (1,1-1,2) bar... and when i get to 3-4k rpm the car just kick me in the seat

we made a lot of race that night i was on sport mode the whole time and i lost to a nissan 300zx by a lot i was following him but he still won and after he said i want to see the difference in mid mode just for fun and what do you know i was following him all the way till i hit my fifth gear thats where i started to lose him i was still very close to him tho i was just in his tail but in sport mode **** he was eating me all the time by a lot... still cant really do much to a v6 twin turbo rear wheels drive fairlady with 300hp >:D but eh im really happy with that car its so fun and its all stock FOR NOW LUL :D

sorry for my english i try my best im french hehe :D
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