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My Cooper D crossed the Channel for the first time today and, after 250 miles of autoroute driving, I can confirm that the standard Cruise Control (as opposed to the camera-equipped / distance-control version) is really excellent.

Moving between 110 kmh & 130 kmh sections on the autoroute today, I was able to change the speed of the car by using the steering-wheel buttons alone as, when you select a lower speed, the system will automatically brake for you without disengaging the Cruise Control function!

Similarly, on a couple of downhill sections, the car's speed was managed by the system impeccably - which was very reassuring given the number of speed cameras that the French have installed at the bottom of steep hills...

Also, as has been noted elsewhere on this forum, a hard button press changes the speed by 5mph - while a light press makes a 1mph change.

In this regard, I'll be asking my dealer to find out why the Cruise Control setting stays in mph when every other display was showing kmh/metric? Very Bizarre!

There must, of course, be a way to change this as MINI sell cars in vast numbers in kmh countries... but today's drive has confirmed my first impressions that the F56 MINI is a fine cross-country car - and over 62 mpg for my Dooper, which isn't yet run-in!
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