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Hope it arrives soon mine took about 7 or 8 weeks, so you shouldn't be far off.
As for the exhaust no the standard doesn't have an opening valve that only comes with the JCW Pro Tuning exhaust. I've got this and it's great but it is £1300 -£1500 depending on exhaust tips. The standard does change with different modes so in sport mode it does pop and bang and is louder but just not in the same league as the Pro one.
I've got the adaptive suspension and it's got three modes to match the green, mid and sport. There definitely is a difference in each mode. Green is good for speed bumps as much softer. Yes you can only change it from the menus, so you can map say sport mode to have the more direct steering, better throttle response but soft suspension.
Hooe this helps
Enjoy when it turns up

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