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Standard lights photo

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I was wondering if anyone can give me a picture of the standard head and tail lights on the F56 MINI's, as I'm interested to see how they look compared to the LED. I haven't been able to find one online.

Thank you
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Thanks for the pictures! I was just wondering if I should go with the LED lights or not. After seeing these photos, and I did find a video online, I don't believe it's worth the price for me.
I was the same,shall i shan't i.
I opted for them on my order, Last week i was driving home and seen these lights on an oncoming vehilce and they looked Fantastic coming towards me and they were super bright. Guess what car it was???????Yip mini with LED's All i can say is i am so so so glad i opted for them.
But its your choice
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Coming towards you, super bright might not be the best safety feature for other drivers!

I am regularly blinded by other cars with really bright headlights. Big Mercs, Range Rovers etc. appear to be the worst.

And don't get me started on drivers using fog lights when they are not actually needed.

But worst of all are the chav cars with those HID conversion kits :eek:
Chavs i agree,i see what ya mean and im dazzled by the range rover types,but the mini was a pure clean white and thats what impressed me. But i see where ya coming from....
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