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I am currently trying to spec my MCS and I already know that it will be Volcanic Orange team member with a manual gearbox. I definitely like JCW interior pack which will make interior feel sportier and add multifunctional wheel with cruise control. Also I plan to add Visual Boost & Connected to make it contemporary.

Then I was thinking about taking the Pepper package, but I am not sure if I really need it. So I need your help with the options below:

563 Lights package - I only need the reading lights, are they coming if I do not include the lights package?

550 On-board computer - does it only influence the display under speedo? I could well leave without this information in front of me, but can i see fuel consumption and other statistics in Visual Boost LCD?

520 Fog lights - I do not see any necessity in fog lights, I barely used them in last 10 years in my current car. Would like to make sure, that the car looks the same without this option. Anybody knows what are the lower holes (the ones for fog lights) then used for?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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