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Start/Stop issue

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My partner has a MINI ONE and she has said this has happened twice now. Today the car was stopped on the driveway. Took the foot off the clutch, handbrake on and the engine turned off ie start/stop kicked in. I opened the passenger door to speak to her and then the engine started. She didnt apply the clutch, it just started on its own. She said this also happened at traffic lights last week. Any one else experienced this?
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I'm confused as to why I keep reading "in a bmw...." It's almost as if the expectation is that because these cars are manufactured by bmw, that they would behave the same?

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Generally the software and ecus/ operating systems are the same ggoosen. . Most of the underlying parts of mini are bmw. That's how manufacturers make money. One product suits all. Hence the I drive seats etc. Cosmetically different but under the skin the mini and bmw active tourer are similar etc etc. The i8 has a retuned Cooper engine.Hence minis are expected to behave in the same genetically linked way as their bmw cousins! And they do!
Fair enough, we also need to consider though that bmw as with every other car manufacturer will purposely leave out functionality when using flagship features on lower cars

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Quite right, and they will then charge extra for it as an optional extra. That's where they make their money. Don't mind though as we get a or can get a superbly equipped car.
I do not see the MINI as a lower car than a BMW. An M3 yes but a 1 or 3 series, no way ;-)
Me neither kenl, and I think mini are working hard to be upmarket. Personally I wouldn't touch any bmw had I the money. They just don't appeal. Oh maybe the i8 but if I had that amount of cash I'd be looking for a v8!
But each to their own!
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