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Starting off with a JCW

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Greetings all,

New to the Mini world, a new JCW in the garage. Look forward to driving it... A lot...
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Greetings all,
New to the Mini world, a new JCW in the garage. Look forward to driving it... A lot...Mike
Congrats! Good move.....I'm waiting on my manual trans JCW, so I'll be waitng for awhile. Where in Sarasota did you buy it? I don't live there anymore, but that's my hometown growing up. The roads are too straight & flat down there though, so come on up to PA and I'll show you some good driving roads! :)

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We live in Lakewood Ranch. Originally from Oregon, and do miss great driving roads.

Bought the JCW from Mini of Tampa. They got one as did Miami, that was it for FL. They have one customer waiting on manual for, but as of late last week there was still no word on when it would go into production.
Was told, the production line has to be shutdown to do a JCW run. They need enough orders before they will do it. At some point it seems they will just run 2016's.

Did you get the MINI in Tampa that was on youtube? That is a sweet car! I've watched that video a dozen times! Not good news about the production run for manual JCW's....go out in the Myaka City are in the country...some good roads out that way! :)
Yes John, that is the one! Funny, saw the video after I bought it. We are in the turf business and have farm out in Arcadia. I will try not to hit a hog!

Have you seen this?
Ha! Yup...many years ago went to a friend's house in Old Myakka for a hog roast with swamp cabbage....never had anything so good! Back in the day wild hogs (boars) were plentiful! I have seen that video...there are some real nice JCW videos out there. Enjoy your JCW! :)

I can't imagine them shutting the production line for any variant. On our factory tour Oxford we saw coupes roadster f56 3 and5 door plus cabriolets all rolling off the same line. Lasers and cameras check the bar code know the car and deliver eg the correct window engine etc.The only time it stopped was when the lasers detected an error.(Once when an engine arrived minus a bolt in the holster for knew before the engine went anywhere near the car. A roadsters btw.) My dealer told us here in the uk they are keeping production to four cars per dealer only in the uk this year to maintain exclusivity value and demand.I think your dealer may be getting mixed up but I am willing to stand corrected.
After reading this earlier about stopping production it scared me enough to contact my MINI MA (Sales Mgr) and he contacted MINI himself to see if there was any truth to that, and he was told that is completely untrue! I was still not given a date, but I was told my order would be processed normally without any delays...that's good enough for me!
That is good news John. I think dealers (sales people) like to make things more dramatic than they are. It sounded a bit strange. Still makes little sense why JWC's are not being delivered. Are cars after the initial few all special order?

I wonder at some point will they just start pumping out 2016's. When does the next year usually ship?

As a side note my wife was at the dealer today and ran into "Bumble Bee". He is the gentleman in the video and helps organize the Dragon event in NC. He told her the dealership would not let anyone drive it while it was on display. So She let him take it for a spin. As an mini track instructor he really put the JWC through the paces. Not sure who had a bigger smile, him or my wife.
Hi Mike,

Yes, I felt a bit embarassed to have to contact my MINI MA about that production run thing, but I felt I "had to" given the seriousness of such a statement! Those few of us waiting for the manual transmission JCW are in a small boat apparently, but there's still hope our MINI's will go down the line within the next month or so as 2015's!

I am not that familiar with how MINI plans & releases their next model years, since this is my first MINI too (just like you). But, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the 2016's start production in the late summer (August or September)...maybe sooner? My MINI dealer only had the one JCW...don't know about them getting another one as a demonstrator/in stock car. I doubt most dealers will carry JCW's as normal inventory cars...most if not all will be special order...but that holds true for most MINI's, since they are so individualized!

As for the test drive, I hear MA took me on a drive in the auto JCW they had just received in stock (I had already ordered my manual JCW before my test drive), and it was totally AWESOME!!! We headed onto a back road that was through the hills & woods with guiderails on one side, then the other, and mountainous terrain on opposite side, up and name it we drove it FAST!!! I actually was very glad for the hand grip above the passenger door!!! :) Next time though I need to take along a motion sickenss tablet to be safe! Holding onto the steering wheel is a whole lot easier than being a passenger on such a run imo!

I believe at one point we may have gone slightly "airborne"...I have never been in a car that handled like the JCW, and with that kind or torque and power, well, I truly don't think it gets any better!

So, keep pulling for me to get mine as soon as possible so I can enjoy it before next Winter (that's one thing I REALLY miss about living in Florida...I never remember worrying about driving conditions, except maybe in a hurricane!).

Keep it between the lines!

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