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Starting off with a JCW

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Greetings all,

New to the Mini world, a new JCW in the garage. Look forward to driving it... A lot...
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I can't imagine them shutting the production line for any variant. On our factory tour Oxford we saw coupes roadster f56 3 and5 door plus cabriolets all rolling off the same line. Lasers and cameras check the bar code know the car and deliver eg the correct window engine etc.The only time it stopped was when the lasers detected an error.(Once when an engine arrived minus a bolt in the holster for knew before the engine went anywhere near the car. A roadsters btw.) My dealer told us here in the uk they are keeping production to four cars per dealer only in the uk this year to maintain exclusivity value and demand.I think your dealer may be getting mixed up but I am willing to stand corrected.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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