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status 1200

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my car order has gone into status 1200 - anyone know what this signifies?
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I've also just gone to 1200!

I'm starting to get a bit impatient now.........
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It seems they've overcome the contrasting roof/HK supply and whatever other issues they had.

Looks like the factory is getting their act together and churning out cars at a decent rate........let's hope the build quality isn't being affected!
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Oooooh!! Didn't you and I order at roughly the same time, maybe mine is at 1200 then? I haven't been told by the dealer, how did you find out andyross37?
I just emailed my sales rep and asked. Mini Park Lane now have a 'Mini Genius' who's also very helpful. She's told me i can message her on Facebook at any time and she'll check the current status for me! Saves me bothering the sales rep who must be tired of me by now! LOL

I'm due for week 28 build & week 30 delivery, so should be built last week of June!
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Going to answer a couple of people in one go here:

For those who haven't had codes passed onto them, the codes are on page one of this thread.

If you phone your sales rep and let them know you know the codes, and ask them which code stage your order is at.......they just need to look at the order on their system and the code is there.

MiloMini if you don't have any joy, let me know......I have a friend who works for a Mini dealer. All he needs is your order number and he can look on the system and pass the code to me.
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Oops, I forgot to answer the one about registrations.

When I asked my dealer yesterday, I was told I would get a choice of 3 registrations to choose from.......I did ask what happens if I don't like any of seems there's a choice of 3 and that's it!
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I phoned the dealer yesterday. I'm still status 1200 and still de for week 28 build.

We're currently on week 26.

My dealer said the code usually changes the week before build, so I said I'd phone next week and check.

Should be built week ending 12th July.
GoKart7 You never fail to put a smile on my crazy fool! LOL
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I thought I looked like BA Baracus.

Find me an aeroplane and we'll soon find out! >:D
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He aint gonna fly...:D
Who's gonna volunteer to 'knock him out'?

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Sadly I am out as my moderator status says I have to respect all users..:D
You're amongst friends. Honesty is permitted! LOL
I live in London, so I would expect mine not to come from Oxford via Doncaster......but I won't be surprised if it does!
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Thanks to Andy's mate (and Andy) I've just discovered mine has moved from 1200 to 5055, no going back now - not that there ever was!!! It's real!
As I'm due for week 28 build and still at 1200, then I would assume yours is being built this week and mine is being built the week after........

I'll check my status on Tuesday or Wednesday and see if it's changed.
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I order May 1st, originally due middle August (so was going to put off until September) but it has been brought forward to next week!
I happen to know your car is built and has departed the factory! >:D
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I'm on status no hundred in fact I'm still on zero

I have a friend who's a Mini Brand Manager, if you want to cancel your order, let me know and I'll put you in touch with him. I guarantee you'll get your car much sooner......he'll even change the colour for me and order a black one for you (joking)
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Where are y'all finding these status codes? They don't seem to be available to US customers, as all we appear to have is a handful of status messages that don't convey a heck of a lot of information. For example the first few go something like this:
1 On Order
2 Scheduled for Production
3 Awaiting Transport
4 en Route

etc. You can see what looks like some important steps missing between 2 and 3, to say the least. The numeric codes someone listed here give more information in more stages of production and delivery.
The codes they use are:
0000 Cancelled
0037 Model or Feature Unavailable
0077 No Quota Available
0097 No Current Event Allocated
0500 Cannot be Scheduled
1100 Scheduled
1200 Scheduled for Production
5000 Confirmed for Production
5050 Chassis Number Allocated
5055 Confirmed by Production Control
5100 Bodyshop Start
5190 Bodyshop Complete
5200 Paintshop Start
5270 Paintshop Complete
5300 Pre-Assembly Start
5400 Assembly Start
5500 Assembly Complete
6000 Transfer to Distribution
8200 Released to Carrier
9000 Departed Plant
9615/35/45 In Storage
9610/20/30/40/50/60 In Transit
9800 Arrived Dealer
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