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I have searched forums and articles, but couldn't find a resolution to my issues.

1. I just installed Forge Coilovers with stock top mounts and did a 4 wheel alignment. For some reason, the car pulls to the right, and I even tried going to 2 different reputable alignment shops. I have read all kinds of posts, but there was no real solution for the F56. I just wanted to know if anyone else had this issue.

2. When I do low-speed acceleration left-hand turns, there is a thin clicking sound (front right), something like a sound if you spin a wheel and that little pin that clicks as the wheel turns on a board game or like if you're in vegas spinning that huge wheel game. I checked both front cv boots (inner and outer) and they are not torn and seem perfectly fine. Usually, bad CV joints have a clunking noise as well. Has anyone experienced this?

Thank you!
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