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Stripes Help Needed

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I've had my Thunder Grey S a couple of weeks now and I really want some stripes putting on it. I know stripes aren't for everyone but all my previous MINI's have had stripes and now my F56 looks bare compared to what I'm used to.

The problem is the stripe colour. I bought my S as an Approved Used car from a MINI dealer and it had already had some changes made in that all of the chrome exterior has been painted Chili Red, with the exception of the light surrounds which are matt black (wheels are matt black too). I wanted red stripes to match the other red accents on the car but I'm hitting a brick wall everywhere as no-one seems to have any vinyl in a Chili Red shade. I think it would look odd with the stripes being a different shade of red? I don't know what other colour would look ok apart from red. Black is another obvious choice but I'm worried that it won't stand out enough as Thunder Grey is quite dark anyway. Any suggestions? Silver? I think I've looked at that many different photos and colours that everything just blends into one now and all I see is a blur!

Any help would be much appreciated :)


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Thanks guys. Not sure about any more red, don't want to go overkill. But I could change my mind :D

I always always wanted a yellow MINI but never did manage to get one. Maybe one day!
Looks fantastic - I would still try to find some matte red stripes for the roof, just to keep the pattern going and break up all red roof.

I couldn't decide on whether to have stripes on the roof or just keep it plain, so I thought I'd get the bonnet and boot done first and then maybe add roof stripes later if I decided I wanted them.

Then I'd be back to colour choice again and I'm all coloured out at the moment. I swear I lost several nights sleep trying to decide on the colour of the bonnet/boot stripes!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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