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I've standard MINI black stripes on my F56 - my car in midnight black and so often looks dirty down to dust and I sometimes use some good quality waterless cleaner just to remove said dust. I sprayed a small amount onto the bonnet and some of it caught the stripes and they're now 'stained' :( I've tried cleaning the stripes using polish etc but still they're marked - I fear new stripes will now be the order of the day but it seems crazy that they won't withstand a simple clean???? Gonna have words with the dealer as to me they are not fit for purpose if you can clean them????
Thoughts lovely people...

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Sorry to hear that Michael.

I have used waterless "showroom Shine" 3 or 4 times since I got my car and the stripes are OK. When first applied it looks like it could leave a stain but it seems to buff off as expected.

It is the only polish I have used on the car.

The carnubax wax in it is best kept away from the black plastic trim areas though.

I have not tried any other makes so they may be different.

If it makes you feel any better 2 weeks after having my viper stripes applied I stupidly went and jet washed the car and it ripped the bonnet one off! I felt soooooooooo annoyed. Ordered some vinyl online and re-applied it myself :)
That is a good heads up to those of us who use pressure washers and have stripes on our cars!
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I have used Showroom Shine for many years on my new cars and classic MG and it gives the best result of any of the products I have used over all the many years I have had cars to polish.
With the new Mini though because of all the black plastic parts I tend to spray it onto a microfibre cloth first rather than directly on the paint around those areas, to avoid wax overspray.
I gave the bonnet a polish today and there was no problem with the stripes. As you say hopefully your marks will disappear without dealer intervention.
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