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I've standard MINI black stripes on my F56 - my car in midnight black and so often looks dirty down to dust and I sometimes use some good quality waterless cleaner just to remove said dust. I sprayed a small amount onto the bonnet and some of it caught the stripes and they're now 'stained' :( I've tried cleaning the stripes using polish etc but still they're marked - I fear new stripes will now be the order of the day but it seems crazy that they won't withstand a simple clean???? Gonna have words with the dealer as to me they are not fit for purpose if you can clean them????
Thoughts lovely people...

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Hi there John

Same stuff as me and at the moment the stripes are still marked - seems typical with anything I touch on this F56 it goes wrong :(

Don't worry I don't go anywhere near the black plastic trim...

Oh well call to dealer on the cards I feel to tell them that their stripes are !!!!!!

I need to take some pics but so cheesed off with things not going right with the car..... tbh Donna it was the first time of using it on the F56 - used it a lot on my all black clubby with no issues and with a black car it helps save time rather than always washing the proper way (as I do every weekend)

I think the only answer will be to replace them but I'm gonna push hard for the dealer to replace them FOC as to me if they can't be cleaned they're not fit for purpose??
Just out of curiousity: how does black stripes on black look?
here we go...


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hopefully the marks will fade - if not I'm back to the dealers to get them replaced I guess!
I'm beginning to think my stripes are duff lol One has a flaw on it that the dealer knows about so I'm gonna appeal to their good nature (doesn't hold ones breath) and get them to change both but will wait until the cars had a proper clean in the hope the marks disappear! Cheers John
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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