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I got in the car Saturday morning and could not get the shifter out of PARK.
(2015 Cooper S Hardtop - 5000 miles)

A quick check of the "MINI Guide" app on my iPhone showed the hidden release button under the shift cover. It worked, but the next time I put it in Park, it was stuck again. Several stops and starts didn't help. Off to the dealer.

Dealer fixed with software update.
"Unfavorable software in EGS (Transmission control module)".
"Referred to bulletin M25 02 14 for issue".
"Program EGS with updated software".

They didn't give me any more info or reason.

I had updated my software a few months ago thru the BMW web site and a thumb drive (helped with the blue tooth).

I wonder if this software update is related?
After update, most of my settings were not changed, music, etc. But, the date settings, trip odom, speed warning and a few others were reset to default.

I don't remember previous versions.
Current version:
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